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Using OneNote

Today we are going to learn how to use OneNote.

Watch the video below for an introduction to the program.

We need to work in pairs to create our own OneNote document that will help us with our design, creativity and technology project.

You need to create the following tabs:

  • Wonderings
  • Research
  • Bibliography
  • Reflection (one tab for each person)
  • Data

Watch the following video so you know how to save and close the notebook correctly.

Instructions for OneNote document

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Catapult Project

What a fun project! I think I enjoyed this project as much as the students did!
There was so much learning involved; Design, Creativity and Technology, Interpersonal Development – working in teams, Science,  Measurement, Data and I.C.T.  After watching some videos and creating inquiry questions all of the students contributed to the following design brief for the project.

Design Brief:  Design and construct a catapult that can  project a mini marsh mellow at least 2.5 meters.


  •   icy pole sticks x 15
  •   sticky tape /masking tape
  •   plastic spoon x 1
  •   rubber band x 1
  •   mini marsh mellow x 1
  •   protractor x 1

6S worked in pairs or group of three and researched about catapults. They recorded findings and wonderings in a OneNote document. All groups drew a design of their catapult before building it. They then built them and tested them before making modifications to improve their design and test again. When all the testing was completed the students analysed the data and created a presentation to the class about what they had learnt.

Rubric for catapult project.

6S can you post a quality comment about the Catapult Project?
You might like to comment on:
– how successful you were and why
– what you have learnt
– interesting facts about catapults
– something you did well / something you could improve on