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The Gallipoli Story

BTN story 28/4/15 – The Gallipoli Story

  1. How many Australian soldiers fought at Gallipoli?
  2. Describe the plan that Britain came up with to defeat Germany.
  3. Which area did Britain want to take control of?
  4. Where in Turkey were Australian and New Zealand soldiers sent in?
  5. The Gallipoli campaign became a stalemate. What does that mean?
  6. What happened at the Battle of Lone Pine?
  7. What was a `drip rifle’ and how did it help Australian soldiers?
  8. How long did the Gallipoli campaign last?
  9. What do you understand more clearly since watching the Gallipoli story?
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History of Voting

What? We are learning about the history of voting in Australia.

Why? This will help us understand how our democracy system works.

How? I will be able to record key information as I watch the BTN episode and then answer the questions and post as a comment.

History of Voting – BTN episode

After watching the BTN episode on the history of voting answer the following questions and post as a comment below.

  1. When did women get the right to vote in Australia?
  2. When did all Indigenous people get the right to vote in federal elections?
  3. In which year did the voting age change from 21 to 18 years of age?
  4. Voting in Australia is not compulsory. True or false?
  5. Do you think the right to vote is important? Explain your answer.
  6. What was surprising about this story?
  7. Do you have any other questions or comments about the voting process?
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Levels of Government

What? We are learning about the levels of government in Australia.

Why? This will help us understand how our democracy system works.

How? I will be able to record key information as I watch the videos and then answer the questions and post as a quality comment.

BTN episode 31/5/16 – Levels of Government

Click on the link below to watch a 2.27 min video about the three levels of government in Australia.



PEO website – Three levels of Government


After watching both the BTN episode and the video from PEO website answer the following questions. 

1.  What are the three levels of government?

2.  Why do we have three levels of government?

3.  Name some responsibilities of each level of government?

4.  What happens when local, state and federal governments disagree?

5.  Why do you think we need three levels of government in Australia?

6.  What was surprising for you?

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Who impacted the Federation of Australia?

What? (we are learning to): Find out about a key person in Australia’s Federation.

Why?(this will): Help us have a deeper understanding Australia’s history.

How? (I’ll be able to): Research and explain the impact an individual had on Australia’s Federation.

Choose a key person in Federation history and research the answers to the following questions.

Alfred Deakin (1856-1919)

Who was Alfred Deakin? Give a brief summary.
Where was he born?
What were Alfred Deakin’s views about Federation?
What significant things happened when Deakin was Prime Minister?



Henry Parkes (1815 – 1895)

Why was Henry Parks known as the `Father of Federation’?
What was his famous speech `The Tenterfield Address’ about?
What is significant about the date of Parkes’ death?
Why do you think Parkes is referred to as one of the most significant politicians in Australian history?



Edmund Barton (1849-1920)

Edmund Barton was Australia’s first…

What contribution did Barton make to Federation?

What is an interesting fact about Edmund Barton?



Useful links for your research:

Behind the News – Constitution

Parliamentary Education Office – Federation

Federation explained – ABC Splash video!/media/1961881/Federation-explained 

An Ideal City – A nation needs a capital

Australian Dictionary of Biography – Henry Parkes

Civics and Citizenship Education – Henry Parkes,9158.html

Civics and Citizenship Education – Alfred Deakin,9127.html

National Museum of Australia – Alfred Deakin

Civics and Citizenship Education – Edmund Barton,9076.html

Fast facts – Australia’s Prime Ministers – Edmund Barton


Copy the questions for your chosen person into word.

When you have finished your research post your answers as a comment below. Happy researching 🙂 

Remember – make sure you type the answers in your own words, do not copy and paste from webpages.

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Remembrance Day

Do you know what Remembrance Day is?

Why do you think Remembrance Day is important?

Remembrance day BTN episode

There are many customs and traditions on Remembrance Day. Do you know what they are?

The music played on the day holds great significance, click on the links below to listen to The Rouse and The Last Stand and answer the questions with a partner.


The Rouse

How did listening to the Rouse make you feel?

During Remembrance Day commemorations when is the Rouse sounded?

Why is it called the “rouse”?

What does the Rouse symbolise?



The Last Post

How did listening to the Last Post make you feel?

What does it signify?

How does the timing of the Last Post differ from the Rouse?





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Book Trailer

By Eric Hill from Boston, MA, USA


You are to select an area of interest from he link below to read about ANZAC’s and World War 1.

Reading Facts – ANZAC’s and WW1

After reading two pages you are to complete a summary to promote your reading to another person. However, this will be done with a difference. you are to complete a trailer using Powerpoint, Animoto, i-movie, etc to demonstrate your understanding of what you have read.



Click on the link below to watch some of the trailers created today – sorry if you have an apple device the link may not work 🙁

Ainslie and Maddy Trailer

Charlie and Hoia Trailer

Chloe and Helly Trailer

What do you think of the trailers about the ANZACS?