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Hello world! :-)

imageIf you are reading this from outside Werribee, Australia, please spare a minute to leave a comment telling us where you are from.

An authentic audience makes a HUGE difference for children as they quickly realise that people from all over the world are reading what they post. As a result, they try their very best – it is a fantastic motivator! Any comment left will be read by the whole class and their families.

What do you think of our blog?

What country and town do you live in?

Do you have any words of support and/or advice for my year 6 students who have just started blogging?

Thankyou for your time and helping to motivate my year 6 students! ¬†ūüôā¬†

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Week 2: Blogging Challenge 2015

The blogging challenge 2015

Well done 6K ¬†we were were mentioned in the ‘great posts from last week’ for our about us page and use of chatterpix! ūüôā ¬†









The topic for week 2 of the challenge is ‘Let’s Comment

I think we could successfully complete the following activities this week:

Activity 1: Write a post, create a video or create a poster about commenting.¬†We already have a how to post a comment page – how could we improve it – what is missing? Go to Mr’s Yollis’ post for more information and inspiration for our own post.

Activity 5: Adding great blogs to our blogroll. (I have added some of the blogs we visited last week please let me know if you would like me to add a blog to the list)

Activity 6: Learn some HTML code to include a link in a comment or to improve the look of a comment. **This is an extension activity for any student that is interested. There is information on Mrs Yollis Class blog about how to do this.


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2015 blogging challenge

6K is going to take part in a blogging challenge!


About the challenge

The aim of the student blogging challenge is to connect student bloggers with a global audience while supporting teachers with their classroom blogging. It runs twice yearly, starting in March and September, and guides the participants through blogging and commenting over 10 weeks. Each week participants are given weekly tasks to increase their skills. Teachers, or students, can publish their weekly tasks on their class blog or students can participate through leaving comments on posts.

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You can’t take it back!


Today the class revisited Cyberbullying; what it means and ways to deal with it.

After brainstorming different words we associated with Cyberbullying the students watched¬†the short¬†video ‘You can’t take it back’.

C yberbullying can make you cry.

Y ou have the power to stop it!

B e smart and do something about it!

E veryone deserves to be treated nicely online.

R ude people cyberbully.

B ullying is not needed in our world.

U  need to tell someone if you are being cyberbullied.

L ets stand together and put a stop to cyberbullying!

L ove yourself and don’t listen to other people.

Y ou need to learn some manners if you are a bully.

I t can affect you mentally.

N ever listen to people who say mean things to/about you.

G utless people cyberbully others.

What would you do if you heard that a friend was going to rate some other students on the internet?

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Picking the right search terms

google-search1Today the students developed their knowledge on how to search on Google more effectively.

Can you take on the Google challenge? Test your ability to search effectively using Google by clicking on the link below. is a daily search challenge from Google. The questions are generally constructed to help practice keyword choice, and develop a skill for breaking a larger question into smaller pieces and determining the proper order to approach them in order to successfully discover an answer.

Do you have any tips for people using Google or any other search engine?