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Refugees and Migrants

This week is Refugee Week. Today you will be learning about refugees and migrants through watching a BTN video. You will post a quality comment showing your understanding of refugees, migrants and asylum seekers. 

Refugees and Migrants BTN episode 30/8/2016

After watching the BtN Refugees and Migrants story, post a quality comment with the following sentence starters;
This story made me wonder why…
It was interesting to learn that…
This story made me feel…
An asylum seeker is…
A refugee is…
A migrant is…
**You may need to do further research on your own or with a partner to create a definition for asylum seeker, refugee and migrant before you post your comment.

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Refugee Olympic team

Refugee Olympic Team Rio – BTN episode 16/8/16

After watching the BTN episode about the Rio Refugee Team, post a quality comment below answering the following questions;

  • Which countries do the athletes come from?
  • Which sports did they compete in?
  • What do you THINK about what you saw in this video?
  • What does this video make you WONDER?
  • What did you LEARN from this story?
  • How did this story make you FEEL?

Extension: On a world map, locate which countries the athletes come from and where they are living now.

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