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Refugees and Migrants

This week is Refugee Week. Today you will be learning about refugees and migrants through watching a BTN video. You will post a quality comment showing your understanding of refugees, migrants and asylum seekers. 

Refugees and Migrants BTN episode 30/8/2016

After watching the BtN Refugees and Migrants story, post a quality comment with the following sentence starters;
This story made me wonder why…
It was interesting to learn that…
This story made me feel…
An asylum seeker is…
A refugee is…
A migrant is…
**You may need to do further research on your own or with a partner to create a definition for asylum seeker, refugee and migrant before you post your comment.

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Refugee Week

Refugee Kids: 31/5/2011 BTN Episode

Choose one or more of the following activities to complete:

1. Which countries around the world resettle refugees and people in humanitarian need each year? What proportion does Australia accept? Display the information in a table.

These websites could help with finding your data;

UNHCR 2015 Global Statistics and Australia’s share in refugee protection

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre website

2. People don’t plan to become refugees. Usually circumstances beyond their control force them to flee. Imagine you had to flee your home in a hurry leaving your family and belongings to move to another country. Think about where you will go, how you will travel and what resources you will need. Write a story or draw a picture that describes the experience.

3. How does Australia help refugees? What support do they get to resettle? Work with a partner to find out what is being done and make a list of things that could be done to help refugees. What is done in your school or local community to help refugees resettle? Present your information to the class.

4. Explore how some refugees use art to tell their stories. The following website has artwork created by refugees.

Choose one artwork to respond to. What story does it tell about the artist’s experiences?


What did you find out?

What were you surprised by?

What questions do you still have?