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How is a rainbow made?

Before you watch the story, record what you know about rainbows.

How is a rainbow made? BTN story 8/8/2017

1. What does the BTN story explain?
2. Briefly explain what a rainbow is.
3. Sunlight is made up of __________ light which contains all the colours of the _________.
4. What happens when the sunlight hits the droplet?
5. What is refraction?
6. How many colours are there in a rainbow? Name the colours.
7. Why do the colours separate?
8. Why are the colours of a rainbow always in the same order?
9. What did you learn watching this story?

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Science Experiments Explained

As part of the Chemical Science unit this term 6S have created videos using Explain Everything on the iPads. They have done a fantastic job of sharing their knowledge and explaining how some of the experiments work.

Here are a few examples of the explanation texts created.







Please post a comment below to tell us what you think.

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Suzanne Cory Experience

On Friday the 18th of August the year 6 students had an amazing experience visiting Suzanne Cory High School. They were lucky enough to participate in a number of hands on science lessons. The visit also doubled as a transition day to give the year 6 students some insight to what it will be like at Secondary School. They conducted various experiments and further developed their science knowledge with support from the teachers and students at Suzanne Cory.

The activities included;

  • Methane bubbles
  • Rainbow fizz flame test
  • Red cabbage indicator
  • Dry ice
  • Motors

The biggest ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ definitely came from the methane bubbles session!

Press play below to watch a slide show of the fun filled day.

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Electrical Circuits

The year 6’s have been learning about electricity and how circuits work.

First they experimented with creating different types of circuits. Then they demonstrated their knowledge through working in cooperative groups to design and create a product that used batteries as it’s power source.

Press play to see what they created and also the fun they had along the way. 🙂

What do you think of their efforts?

6S what was the most interesting thing you have found out so far?

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Don’t Panic

What? We are learning about how to prepare for a disaster.

Why? This will help us be prepared for a disaster.

How? I will be able to put my best effort in to write detailed answers to the questions.

‘Don’t Panic’ BTN episode 26/11/2013

After watching the BTN episode answer the following questions and post as a comment below.

1. Name the ABC science show that tested families in an emergency.
2. What does the Matthews’s family fill up with water to prepare their house for a bushfire?
a. Bath      b. Kitchen sink    c. Water tank
3. Why is it important to look online or check the radio during a natural disaster?
4. Why might kids be better at coping with a cyclone emergency than adults?
5. It is safe to drive through flood water. True or false?
6. Why is it important to have an emergency plan and be prepared for a disaster?
7. Make a list of items that you would put in an emergency survival kit.
8. List your school evacuation areas.

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Layers of the Earth

This week we have been learning about the layers of the Earth. Today we created some models of the earth using play dough we made on Tuesday. We watched the following video before creating our models for display in our classroom. I was very proud of the effort and teamwork shown by 6S to first make the play dough and then the challenging task of using it to create the 4 layers of the earth.

Look deep, down into to the Earth – (Splash 13.59 min)

Press play to see a slideshow of the whole process.


What did you find out?

What questions do you still have?

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Disasters Downunder Reflection


What a fantastic unit of work! The students have been working hard to create explanation texts, timelines and visual displays to demonstrate their knowledge of a particular disaster. I am looking forward to seeing the students share their learning with their families tonight and the school community tomorrow at our showcase.

6K can you tell me some interesting things that you have learnt about disasters this term?

Do you still have any questions that need answering?



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Disasters Downunder Unit Celebration

We will be celebrating this terms unit of work on Thursday the 3rd of September at 6pm in the Learning Gallery.

We look forward to seeing friends and families there. 🙂