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Does knowledge = understanding?

After music class today we continued with a different type of music lesson. Our ‘experts’ and a youtube tutorial helped 6K learn the ‘cup song’ (from the movie Pitch Perfect, ‘Miss me when I’m gone’). I was very proud of the class, they were able to move from sounding like ‘white noise’ to tapping a great sounding rhythm within 40 minutes!  To see 6K in action press play.

Today after we had learned the ‘cup song’ we watched the video – The Backwards Brain Bicycle

It may help to explain why it is harder for me to learn the cup song than the students 🙂

What did you learn from watching the Backwards Brain Bicycle video?

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Augmented Reality – 3D Volcanoes

Today the students used the Quiver app to bring a volcano to life. First they wrote a short description about a volcano using the blank colouring in page as a prompt. The students then coloured in the volcano page and used Quiver to bring it to life. The app simulates a Volcano erupting and also has a mini quiz to complete. After the simulation the students then created another piece of writing with huge improvements.

Did the buddy conference help you improve your writing, if so how?

Was your second piece of writing more powerful after using the app?

What did you think of today’s Writer’s Workshop?


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Layers of the Earth

On Tuesday the class had a great time making no cook playdough in the kitchen in the gym. Some groups were better than others at following the recipe correctly! In the end all groups made beautifully soft play dough for us to use in the classroom.

layers of the earthToday the students watched an ABC splash video ‘Look deep, down into the Earth’ (14 minutes). It is all about the layers of the earth. They then worked in small groups to create their own model of the Earth using the play dough made on Tuesday.


Press play to watch a slideshow of the lessons.



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‘It’s Electrifying’ – Designing our own products

Today 6K started planning the designs for their products. There was a real buzz in the room during this planning stage. The teamwork showed today was outstanding and I am really looking forward to seeing the groups bring their inventions to life!

The taskStudents design and make a product that uses ‘an energy source’ of their selection.

Click here for more information about the task.

image  image  image

image  image  image

6K please post a comment sharing your idea for your product and tell us if you think you will be successful or not.