Useful tools for blogging


Animoto – make great videos, easily.

Everything you need to turn ordinary photos and video clips into rich videos.

30 sec videos for free – longer videos require paid membership.


Free and unlimited poll maker.





thinglink…. Create and share interactive images and videos.



 Answer Garden – great brainstorming tool.



Padlet – Free virtual wall to put any content (text, documents, images, videos) from any device.

image    image

free glitter text and family website at

Click here to create glitter text


Ninja Text Generator






Newspaper Clipping Generator








Free Avatar Creators (no need for login)  

Please note: Many of these sites will not work on an iPad.

Lego Avatar Creator




Turn yourself into an avatar (requires a photo upload)



Avachara Avatar Creator




Picaface avatar creator 



In order to save your avatar you will need to type in your email address at the end to have the completed avatar emailed to you to use.





Anime face maker by Manga



In order to upload the finished creation as an avatar, you’ll need to do a screen capture and save it using an image program like “Microsoft Paint”.




Create your own marvel superhero (you may need to screen capture to save your avatar)

create your own superhero marvel



Cartoon Avatar 

planet creation avatar creatorWebsite asks for email address to send avatar but you may need to screen capture to save your created cartoon.




6 thoughts on “Useful tools for blogging

  1. Dear Miss Scarrott,
    I really like how you decided to make a page of useful things others can put on their blogs. One of the things you put up is Animoto and I’ve actually tried to make one but I noticed that you have to sign up for it. Do you think I should and if yes how exactly do I it?
    From Claire.

  2. dear miss Scarrott
    I have found that when I go to change my avatar it wont let me do it from CHROME

  3. dear Mrs Scarrott,

    Thank you for making this page.
    as an eSmart leader, even I learnt something!

    from TylereSmart.

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